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Hyderabad is the fourth largest metro after New Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore. Cited as the Pharmaceutical capital with dozens of Indian and foreign pharmaceutical production plants and one of the most sought after IT hubs in the country, there’s no stopping in the growth of businesses for decades to come!

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There’s always a wild rush for office spaces in the metropolises…so is the case with Hyderabad! The growth of the city and investments along with it over the past one and half decade made the ‘office space scene’ in Hyderabad very competitive – with prices skyrocketing year-on-year. In this scenario SMEs

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Long commuting times to and from work are truly disheartening! ‘Walk-to-work concept’ is slowly gaining popularity even in India. With heavy traffic and long distance commutation to work place – a common scene in metropolises; people are now choosing more to stay near to the work place.

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Welcome to Majestic Commercial

Advantage business in the land of opportunity!

You rarely come across an opportunity that guarantees results. Not always do you touch something and it turns gold. In a scenario marked by downturns and cutbacks, it is all the more imperative to tap key opportunities and make intelligent decisions with an eye for the future. Here is a business proposition you simply cannot ignore.

Manjeera invites all enterprising investors to reap the dividends of an amalgamation of new-age retailing spaces and state-of-art work spaces, right here at a location that is brimming with opportunities.

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